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2019   God, of de natuur. Spinoza’s empathisch denken over mens, maatschappij en milieu, translated and edited                by Karel D’Huyvetters. (Werchter, Belgium: Uitgeverij  Coriarius; series: Bibliotheca Spinozana Flandrica,                      January 2019). 212 pp. 


2018     Co-edited with Yitzhak Melamed, Spinoza’s Political Treatise: A Critical Guide (Cambridge University Press,                2018). 230pp.


2016     Co-edited with Chloe Taylor, Feminist Philosophies of Life (McGill-Queens University Press, 2016). 336pp.


2012     Co-edited with Jason E. Smith, Between Hegel and Spinoza: A Volume of Critical Essays (Bloomsbur. y                        Studies in Philosophy, 2012). 224 pp.


2011     Spinoza and the Politics of Renaturalization (The University of Chicago Press, 2011). 256 pp.


Articles in Journals and Edited Volumes

2022  "Spinoza on the Fear of Solitude,"   Oxford Studies in Early Modern Philosophy XI (2022): 137-162.

2021   “I dare not mutter a word: Speech and Political Violence in Spinoza,” Crisis and Critique 8.1 (July 2021):                365-386.

2020  “Not all Humans: Radical Criticism of the Anthropocene Narrative,” Environmental Philosophy 17.1 (2020).


2019  “Feminism and Heterodoxy: Moira Gatens’s Spinoza,” Philosophy Today 63.3 (2019): 795-803.Translated

into Spanish (May 2020)


 “Generosity as Freedom in Spinoza’s Ethics,” in Spinoza in 21st Century American and French Philosophy, edited by Charles Ramond and Jack Stetter. Bloomsbury, 2019, pp. 277-288. Translated into French as “La générosité comme liberté dans l’Éthique de Spinoza.” published in Spinoza transatlantique: Les interpretations américaines actuelles, edited by C. Jaquet, P-F Moreau, P. Sévérac (Editions de la Sorbonne, 2020). With a response by Ariel Suhamy, “Une lecture généreuse.”


2018   “Family Quarrels and Mental Harmony: Spinoza’s Oikos-Polis Analogy,” in Spinoza’s Political Treatise: A 

Critical Guide (Cambridge University Press, 2018): 93-110.


          “Introduction,” with Yitzhak Melamed, in Spinoza’s Political Treatise: A Critical Guide (Cambridge

University Press, 2018): 1-11.


2017  “Spinoza’s commonwealth and the anthropomorphic illusion,” Philosophy Today (Fall 2017): 833-846.


          “Spinoza and the possibilities for radical climate ethics,” Dialogues in Human Geography 7.2 (July 2017):



2016  “Endangered Life: Feminist Posthumanism in the Anthropocene?” in Feminist Philosophies of Life

(McGill-Queens University Press, 2016): 272-282.


           “Ethical Life After Humanism: Toward an Alliance Between the Ethics of Eros and the Politics of

Renaturalization,” with Cynthia Willett, in Feminist Philosophies of Life (McGill-Queens University Press, 2016): 67-84.


          “Introduction,” with Chloe Taylor, in Feminist Philosophies of Life 

(McGill-Queens University Press, 2016): 3- 25. 


2015   “’The whole law consists only in loving one’s neighbor’: Spinoza on what the Bible commands of all

mortals,” Journal of Scriptural Reasoning 14.1 (June 2015): 1-15.


2013     “Violenta imperia nemo continuit diu: Spinoza and the revolutionary laws of human nature,” Graduate

Faculty Philosophy Journal 34.1 (2013): 133-148.


2012     “Eve’s Perfection: Spinoza on Sexual (In)Equality,” Journal of the History of Philosophy 50.4 (2012): 559-

580. Translated into Japanese, published in journal Gendai-Shiso (January 2020).


          “Response to Readers of Spinoza and the Politics of Renaturalization,” PhaenEx: Journal of Existential

and Phenomenological Theory and Culture 7.2 (2012) : 255-268.


           “Hasana Sharp in Conversation with Peter Gratton,” PhaenEx: Journal of Existential and

Phenomenological Theory and Culture 7.2 (2012): 269-275.  


           “Between Hegel and Spinoza: Introduction,” with Jason E. Smith. In Between Spinoza and Hegel: A

Volume of Critical Essays. Co-edited with Jason E. Smith. London: Bloomsbury Studies in Philosophy, 2012: 1-20.


2011     “Hate’s Body: Danger and the Flesh in Descartes’ Passions of the Soul,” History of Philosophy Quarterly

(2011) 28.4: 355-372.


             “Animal Affects: Spinoza and the Frontiers of the Human,” Critical Animal Studies 9.1-2 (2011): 48-68.


2010     “’Nemo non videt’: Intuitive Knowledge and the Question of Spinoza’s Elitism,” The Rationalists:

Between Tradition and Innovation, edited by C. Fraenkel, D. Perinetti, and J.E.H. Smith (Dordrecht: Springer Press, 2010): 101-122.


            “Oppositional Ideas, Not Dichotomous Thinking: Reply to Rorty,” Political Theory 38.1 (2010): 142-147.

Reply to: Amélie Oksenberg Rorty, “The Politics of Spinoza’s Vanishing Dichotomies: A Friendly Amendment to Hasana Sharp, ‘The Force of Ideas in Spinoza’”, Political Theory 38.1 (2010): 131-141.


2009     “The Impersonal is Political: Spinoza and a Feminist Politics of Imperceptibility,” Hypatia 24.4 (2009): 84-



             “Love and Possession: Towards a Political Economy of Ethics 5,” North American Spinoza Society 

              Monograph 14 (2009): 1-19.


2007    “The Force of Ideas in Spinoza,” Political Theory 35.6 (2007): 732-755.Translated into Italian: “Spinoza, un

ecosistema delle idee,” Stori Politica della moltitudine: Spinoza e la modernità, edited by Filippo del Lucchese (Rome, Italy: DeriveApprodi, 2009).


            “Melancholy, Anxious, and Ek-static Selves: Feminism between Eros and Thanatos,” Symposium:

Canadian Journal of Continental Philosophy 11.2 (2007): 313-331. 


2005     “Why Spinoza Today? Or, ‘A Strategy of Anti-Fear’”, Rethinking Marxism 17.4 (2005): 591-608.


            “Feeling Justice: The Reorientation of Possessive Desire in Spinoza,” International Studies in Philosophy

    37.2 (2005): 113-130.


2002     “Smash the Sovereign Paradigm!: ‘War of the Races’ as an Alternative to the Discourse of Sovereignty,”

     Intertexts 6.1 (2002): 98-109.

2000     “Is it Simple to be a Feminist in Philosophy?: Althusser and Feminist Theoretical Practice,” Rethinking

     Marxism, 12.2 (2000): 18-34. Translated into Albanian and published in Për Althusserin, edited by Agon

     Hamza (Kolektivi Materializmi Dialektik, 2012).

Articles in Encyclopedias and Book Reviews


2021     “Spinoza and Feminism,” A Companion to Spinoza, edited by Yitzhak Melamed (London: Wiley

     Blackwell, 2021): 422-430.

2019     Becoming Political: Spinoza's Vital Republicanism and the Democratic Power of Judgment, by
            Christopher Skeaff, in Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, 2019.06.08.


2017     The Dutch Legacy: Radical Thinkers of the 17th Century and the Enlightenment, edited by Sonja Lavaert
            and Winfried Schröder, Journal of the History of Philosophy 55.4 (October 2017): 737-738.


2016     The Spirit of Revolution: Beyond the Dead Ends of Man, by Drucilla Cornell and Stephen D. Seely, in
             Radical Philosophy 198 (July/ August 2016): 52-53.


2013     Spinoza on Philosophy, Religion, and Politics, by Susan James, in Renaissance Quarterly 66.3 (2013):


2011     Spinoza’s Theological-Political Treatise: A Critical Guide, edited by Yitzhak Melamed and Michael
             Rosenthal, in The Leibniz Review 21 (2011): 175-183.


                     Spinoza’s Ethics, by Beth Lord, in Philosophy in Review 31.4 (2011): 290-291.


             Spinoza and the Specters of Modernity: The Hidden Enlightenment of Diversity from Spinoza to Freud,               by Michael Mack, in Symposium: Canadian Journal of Continental Philosophy 15.2 (Fall 2011).


2010     “Baruch Spinoza,” Encyclopedia of Political Theory, vol. 3, edited by M. Bevir (Sage Reference, 2010):                  1315-1319.


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2006     Louis Althusser and the Traditions of French Marxism, by William S. Lewis, in The Journal of Speculative               Philosophy 20.4 (2006): 328-330.


2005     Feminism and the Final Foucault, edited by Dianna Taylor and Karen Vintges, Borderlands e-journal 4.2               (October 2005).


2003     Collective Imaginings: Spinoza, Past and Present, by Moira Gatens and Genevieve Lloyd, in                 
             International Studies in Philosophy, 35.2 (2003): 143-144.

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